Toolbox and links

This table is a tentative to collect all existing tensor decomposition toolboxes. Please contribute if you notice any toolbox missing or any outdated data.

Also, note that there exist a Wikipedia Page that also collects many references.

Finally, one should also mention PyTorch and TensorFlow. These softwares handle tensor manipulation very efficiently, since designed for extremely large data sets and GPU-based computing. They do not implement however tensor operators, as far as I know.

Name Institution Language Key words Link Maintained
3WayPack Leiden University Fortran psychometrics, interface 3mode compagny yes
HOTTBOX Imperial College London Python High order tensors, Classification @github yes
multiway package University of Minnesota R psychometrics, indscale N. Helwig’s page ?
N-way University of Copenhaguen Matlab chemometrics, ALS, PARAFAC2 @Mathworks yes
SPLATT University of Minnesota C sparsity, parallel computing, Big Data @Github yes?
Tensorbox Riken Matlab neuroscience A. Phan’s page ?
Tensorlab (v3) KU Leuven Matlab structure, second order methods Tensorlab yes
TensorLy ? Python tensor operations, neural networks @Github yes
Tensor Toolbox Sandia National Laboratories Matlab storage, sparsity, first order methods @Gitlab yes
Tensor Toolbox (jl) EPFL Julia tensor formats, clone of Tensor Toolbox with TT support @Github yes
TTpy Skoltech Python tensor train @Github yes?
TT-toolbox Skoltech Matlab tensor train @Github yes?

Also, tensor codes can be found at the following pages: